We offer to our clients:

  • Consultation on industrial and aero gas turbines, in special:
  • Materials and coatings for the hot gas path, the blading and the compressor of industrial and aero gas turbines
  • Upgrading of older gas turbines
  • Difficult gas turbine fuels and additives
  • Auxiliary chemicals e. g. lubricants and inhibitors
  • Cost effective repair and refurbishment strategies

General services:

  • Remaining life assessment of components stressed at high temperature
  • Failure analysis on advanced machiner
  • Assistance in the choice of the optimum repair and refurbishment suppliers
  • Quality specification and acceptance check at suppliers in the name of our clients
  • Technical marketing and customer care for products and services
  • Individual training courses and workshops
  • Concepts for Corporate Identity and Corporate Design
  • Event marketing and organization, conferences
  • Media planning, advertising, brochures, annual reports


For more details please contact: