Turbine Forum 2018

Advanced Coatings and Materials for Turbine Components

April 25 - 27, 2018, Nice / France


This international conference will focus on the latest needs for modern gas turbine coatings in the hot gas section. As turbine temperature capability has increased rapidly due to performance requirements, coatings have become an indispensable tool for protection against oxidation, high temperature corrosion and thermal fluxes. They have to be adjusted to novel chemical compositions and new high temperature structural materials like CMCs and substrates produced by AM (Additive Manufacturing). AM is studied by numerous working groups, its application to highly stressed gas turbine components is a challenge.

The Turbine Forum 2018

will highlight coating developments, coatings with outstanding properties and new manufacturing technologies with improved equipment performance. In five working sessions, international experts will present original papers in the following areas:

  • Complex Bond Coats for TBCs
  • TBCs incl. New Ceramics and Low Conductivity Systems
  • EBCs for Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Alternative Thermal Spraying with Liquid Precursors
  • AM of Advanced Turbine Components

A Pre-Conference-Workshop on Additive Manufacturing

will provide an overview of AM processes – evolution as well as state of the art and trends in the future. Industrial applications in turbine markets will also be discussed by case studies pointing out opportunities and limitation of AM in this field.

The Turbine Forum 2018

links science and practical experience in the field of high temperature coatings. You will have the opportunity to talk to and meet the experts in the field of coating developments and processes. State of the art processes will be discussed and potential road maps for the future will be exhibited. Networking with the global players in the coating business, with presidents, chief engineers, marketing and technical managers will enable you to find the critical and cutting edge information. There will be sufficient time left for general audience discussions during the forum, as well as in the breaks, during the lunches and at the conference dinner. The comfortable location near to the Côte d‘Azur beach together with excellent French cuisine will provide the positive mood for a successful event.

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